Benefits of Regular Oven Cleaning

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  • Energy Efficient. A clean oven is more energy efficient and saves you money. A clean oven heats quicker as it doesn’t need to heat through the grease that has built up on the inside walls of your oven, emits cleaner air; less smoke.
  • Faster cooking times. When the door is clean there is no need to keep opening the door to check on the food. This allows the food to cook faster and save energy as well.
  • Fire Risk. A clean oven will reduce the possibility of a fire. Grease collects behind the back plate inside the oven, which most people don’t remove when cleaning the oven themselves causes your oven to smoke and sets off smoke alarms. It has been known for some people to remove the battery in their smoke alarm to prevent it keep going off when cooking. This can also put the whole family at risk.
  • Extractor hoods need regular cleaning and filters should be changed every 3 months. This can also create a fire hazard if not treated as grease filters are made of paper.
  • Bacteria Regular oven cleaning will remove harmful bacteria that can breed inside your oven.
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