Removing Candle Wax From Your Carpet

Candles look nice but they can create many problems within your home. If candle wax has dripped onto your carpet, firstly don’t panic. It is actually possible to remove this once it has dried and hardened. To do this you will need a blunt instrument, such as a spatula, a heated domestic iron and some […]

Spot & Stain Removal Guide

A basic guide for spot & stain removal from The National Carpet Cleaners Association. Please feel free to download the Spot & Stain Removal Guide. Find Trusted Local Cleaners

Accidents Happen

Benefits of Regular Oven Cleaning

Energy Efficient. A clean oven is more energy efficient and saves you money. A clean oven heats quicker as it doesn’t need to heat through the grease that has built up on the inside walls of your oven, emits cleaner air; less smoke. Faster cooking times. When the door is clean there is no need […]