Professional Carpet Cleaning

Why Choose Our Carpet Cleaning services?  We’re known for our thorough Carpet and Upholstery Deep Cleaning, Reliable and Friendly service, professional carpet cleaning solutions. Our thorough carpet cleaning processes will remove years of Ingrained Dirt, Stains, Odour, and Allergens from your carpets or upholstery and will be Dry within 30 Minutes. There is no one single method which suits every carpet or upholstery construction, that is why It is essential that the method our professional cleaner selects is effective and will achieve the best results without damaging the item being cleaned. We can get out the toughest stains including ones other cleaning companies won’t touch or could not remove. We have over 12 years of carpet cleaning experience, Trained, Certified and Proud members of the (N.C.C.A) National Carpet Cleaners Association.


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Benefits Of Carpet Cleaning

Extended Life

Having your carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis will extend their life expectancy considerably, however, not cleaning your carpets correctly or even not cleaning them at all will reduce their life expectancy significantly, leaving you no option but to have them replaced. Do you know, that most carpet warranties are void if you don’t get your carpets professionally cleaned once a year?

Healthier Living Space

Getting your carpets professional cleaned will improve your indoor air quality, in addition, a sanitiser and deodoriser are effective enough to remove most common household allergens, bacterias, bad odour from your carpets when added to the cleaning process. for brighter, fresher, healthier living space; find out more about how you can Protect your carpets and upholstery from stubborn stains forever.

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Our Carpet Cleaning Options

Carpet Cleaning & Protector Package

If you have kids or pets eventually you are going to need to deal with stains on your carpet, rugs or upholstery. Even if you don’t have children or animals roaming your home, stains are a part of life.

Over time, dirt and spills are inevitable and the factory-applied stain resistant becomes less effective and fades away leaving your carpets susceptible to staining. Scotch Guard Is a heavy-duty carpet and upholstery Protectant that refreshes the performance of stain-resistant carpets, creating a barrier around the carpet fibres to resist soiling and staining by allowing spills to be removed before staining can occur on all items scotch guard protected.

We can help get out the toughest stains including ones that other companies won’t touch or could not remove with our specialised cleaning products that are safe and effective to knock tough stains out of your carpets and upholstery and apply Scotch Guard to resist soiling and staining.

FROM £33.99

Pet Urine cleaning | A & K Cleaning Limited

Pet Urine Removal & Odour Package

We love our pets, they’re always there to support us, through thick and thin. However, they can make it a real challenge to keep your home clean, healthy and smelling fresh when pet accidents occur.

Not only is it difficult to deal with a pet urine accident once one has occurred, but it’s also tough to know where past accidents may have taken place, including accidents you may not have even known about. Using a special UV light, we can detect pet accidents in your home and eliminate pet urine odours from your carpets, rugs and upholstery through our specialised Pet Urine Removal Treatment that will destroy the pet urine odour from the source leaving your home smelling fresher.

A specialised cleaning is required, that will deal not just with the carpet, but also the underlay and the subfloors in your home. A & K cleaning are qualified and can help rid your home of the smells caused by pet urine.

FROM £49.99

Dust Mite

Carpet Cleaning & Allergy Package

Does someone in your home suffer from allergies or asthma? so you are concerned about allergens or bad odour? Our children or even pets who love to roll around and play on the carpet?

Are you worried about bacteria? Carpets are beneficial acting as giant filters absorbing and collecting common allergens and germs. But, just like an air filter, carpets become full over time and must be properly cleaned to remain most effective at trapping particulates as they settle from the air. Sanitises your home to eliminate unhealthy bacteria that can spread illness, reduces common allergens from dust mites, pests, pollen etc. Works on all kinds of furniture, including beds, mattresses.

Our technician can choose the best system and sanitiser, effective enough to remove common household allergens and bacteria from the carpets and upholstery leaving your home living space smelling fresh.

FROM £28.99

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