Effective Enough To Clean The Toughest Stains

No matter what type of upholstery fabric the consumer chooses, at some time in its eventful life, it will require cleaning, some more frequently than others. These delicate fabrics require a more gentle approach using appropriate cleaning solutions. Regular cleaning and maintenance will extend the life of delicate upholstery fabrics significantly while keeping them looking good. We use suitable methods to clean delicate fabrics safely, our professional cleaning products are effective enough to clean the toughest stains and gentle enough not to damage your furniture. Once the cleaning process is completed, your upholstery furniture will smell fresh, look brighter and will be dry in a few hours, bringing a new life to your living space.

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Hot Water Extraction

(Steam cleaning) is the most common method used for upholstery cleaning. materials used are very absorbent making it increasingly difficult to clean and remove stains using Hot water extraction cleaning. but you don’t have to accept the fact that your furniture is going to remain dirty.

Low Moisture

Low moisture upholstery cleaning, suitable cleaning method for water sensitive fabrics, but far less successful at removing ingrained soils and stains. it’s advisable to make sure you protect these soft furnishings with Stoch guard upholstery stain protector.

Dry Cleaning

There are different ways of cleaning upholstery. Dry cleaning is a process used for fabrics that are not wet cleanable. but this process is not the best in removing stains. synthetic and natural fibre require a different approach to cleaning them.

Preventing Stains Before They Occur with Scotchgard Fabric Protector

Considering how much use your furniture gets, spills and spots are easily removed with our basic cleaning process. However, difficult stains such as paint, makeup, wine, permanent marker, etc may become permanent. spills are inevitable, be sure to ask our professional upholstery cleaner about applying Protectant to your furniture to create a barrier around the fibres that will help resist staining. your furniture will look great year-round and stays cleaner longer in between professional cleanings.

Upholstery Clean & Protect Package

For a more proactive and preventive solution to battling stains before they ever occur, consider our carpet and upholstery protector package. Our versatile stain protectant solution works by forming a strong defensive layer around fabric fibres, repelling most liquids and stain-causing agents, stopping stains in their tracks before they can do their damage by forming a protective shield around upholstered furniture fibres.

Scotchgard Benefits

  • Repels most stains, allowing a window of opportunity for you to soak up the spill on your own before it adheres to the furniture fibres.
  • Restores manufacturer-applied staingard that breaks down and fades over time.
  • Forms protective shield around upholstered furniture fibres and works with a wide range of furniture materials, including mattresses.
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