Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning FAQs

How much does carpet cleaning cost?

How long will my carpets take to dry?

There are several factors that affect drying time, humidity, indoor and outdoor temperature, and the type of fabric. Our modern cleaning tools are efficient in extracting moisture leaving your carpets or upholstery damp and will dry within a few hours. At A & K we use specialist tools and machines to speed up the drying process.

Will my carpet shrink?

Some carpets and upholstery may be prone to shrinkage. However, we have the expertise to test all fabrics to identify the fibres within a carpet or upholstery which may cause shrinkage or colours to bleed out.  We take all preventative measures, to avoid any problems.

Do I have to hoover before you arrive?

Yes, we’d recommend that you give your carpets an initial hoover before we arrive, especially if there is a lot of dust, fluff or larger particles on your carpets. Our Carpet cleaner will then follow up with more detailed vacuuming before cleaning your carpets.


Will I have to move all the furniture out of the room?

No, but if possible, move as much furniture out of the way as possible. the more surface area the professionals can clean, the happier you’ll be with the results. Our cleaners will happily help move any furniture that does not require more than one person. We would also kindly ask that you remove breakable Items out of the way before the carpet cleaner arrives.

Can pet odours and urine be removed?

Yes, we used specialised cleaning tools and cleaning products to dissolve and eliminate odours permanently from your carpet and home.


Can you remove all stains

To successful remove a stain depends on a few things; type of stain, the type of carpet or upholstery fibres and if anything DYI has already been used on the stain. stains can be permanent and therefore we can’t make any promises that we can remove them. We can’t guarantee to remove every stain but get better results if called before any DIY attempt to remove the stain. Some stains are permanent, and no amount of cleaning will reverse this

Are your cleaning product safe for my pets and family?

We take Your health and safety seriously. All our cleaning products are tested by the manufacturer and proven to be safe for domestic use. We will ask you if you and any members of your household have any allergies to detergents or perfume. we ask that you avoid walking on damp carpet until dry to avoid any slip and fall hazards.


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